“Always give us this bread!” – no substitutions, only the best

We lose our bearings when we attempt to satisfy ourselves with what is counterfeit, false, and fundamentally unsatisfying. Here in the west we’re trained in excess, instructed to consume more, and misled by advertising designed to facilitate profit to the extent that we double down on the “more is better” philosophy. In consequence, we load up on what cannot satisfy, hoping that sheer volume will make the difference. But it never will.

Second Blue Apron review – Shrimp Coconut Curry

Here, as promised, is my latest “Blue Apron” recipe review – our second such meal this week. Friday evening I prepared the Spicy Shrimp Coconut Curry. This time I’m awarding the meal a grade of “B-minus,” having lost a few points for less-than-stellar directions. Once again, the flavor profile was excellent. I┬áhave already learned a Continue reading Second Blue Apron review – Shrimp Coconut Curry

Long Live Dinner! (another foodie post)

I know, I know – “Tales from the Great Adventure” is supposed to feature “inspirational” posts, hooking in with the “adventure” lens through which I’m viewing (and experiencing) 2017. But believe me when I tell you that great food is most definitely inspirational, and taking food preparation beyond the mundane and uninteresting is always a Continue reading Long Live Dinner! (another foodie post)