Tales from the Great Adventure

a journal of living-like-we-mean-it, by Derek Maul

A ┬ádeparture for me. Poetry. Free verse. It seemed to pour out of a place that was quite clear about the fact that this post needed to be more along the lines of poetry. Our grandson, David, five years old, newly “graduated” from preschool yet still so completely sweet and vulnerable. Ready for school but …

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My job as Grandaddy Derek is to love David and Beks with the cumulative love of all these decades, to nurture them spiritually in ways I’m only now beginning to grow into, and to share with them the stories I couldn’t possibly have known thirty years ago because I had yet to live them.

We all know how much I┬álove my grandchildren. Just click on the “Grandaddy Letters” category and you will find dozens of posts featuring David and Beks over the past few years. They’re growing by leaps and bounds and in every way; I’m so happy and so proud. But today’s featured image – the only one …

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There’s absolutely nothing in our experience of life that will not be markedly enhanced if only we make the simple decision to engage ourselves with a faith community, and make Sunday morning worship THE priority of every weekend.