how to handle religious bigots

We don’t go to church and live the life of a disciple in order to get to heaven, and we certainly don’t have to go to “the right” church to experience salvation! Church is where we gather to celebrate what Jesus has done, it’s where we encourage one another to walk with Jesus more closely, it’s where we practice Koinonia, and it’s where we pool our resources in order to serve God in the world.

Don’t miss this chance to join me in an interactive seminar!

I’m excited about this opportunity for a number of reasons, but primarily because it gives me the chance to talk with readers (both new readers and old) in an interactive forum. These classes are designed not only to give readers access to authors, but to facilitate a deeper dive into material that is potentially transformational.

stop at this post if you could use some life and encouragement…

ou’ll notice today’s feature image is of our home; it’s the physical equivalent of what I hope to teach through this blog – a beacon of light pointing to life and grace and promise. This little house, nestled in the woods at the end of a cul-de-sac, is the retreat center and sanctuary where Rebekah and I are equipped to live “the life that is truly life” in a practical sense from day to day.