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shine… bloom… live

Summer may be over, and the fall colors may still be a few weeks away, but this is still a beautiful time of the year here in Wake Forest. Somehow, despite the constrictions of time and my limitations as a gardener, stuff keeps growing, and the woods and plantings around our home own an indomitable…

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meeting God in the garden

(Note – you can find a complete set of these photographs at my Facebook page) EDEN: I don’t believe it’s an accident that gardens are featured in so many pivotal moments in the biblical narrative. The story begins in the Garden of Eden; Jesus suffered the agony of choosing us in the Garden of Gethsemane, then ushered…

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old structures with new vision

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. And so, given all the classic “take care of mom” options, what would you imagine my wife, Rebekah, would enjoy doing more than anything else on a beautiful North Carolina May Saturday? The answer – of course – is to work in the garden with her new shovel, pull out her…

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