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4 photos for Monday morning

appy Monday, friends. I pray that you were refreshed and energized by your Sunday. I know I was. If you don’t attend a community of faith where refreshment and energy are a regular part of your worship experience, then please consider visiting us at First Presbyterian Church of Brandon. It really is an exceptional place! My awesome…

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Scripture – Beauty in the Struggle

The conversation at my men’s small-group Bible-study Wednesday evening was – as usual – “most excellent;” deep; verging on powerful. We’re reading Philip Yancey’s classic book The Jesus I Never Knew. The discussion topic was The Beatitudes, from Matthew Chapter Five. The question I posed was: “There are so many varying interpretations of these foundational sayings…

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my so-called normal life

This morning it appears that I pretty much have nothing to post. Essentially, I’ve determined it’s time to get back to my so-called “normal” life. What that means is: Check my calendar… actually follow-up on some of my more routine assignments… begin to write the news articles I’ve been putting off for the past few…

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