John 13

when love tells the story…

This is what Jesus was talking about when he said that the world will know that we are Christians when they take notice of how beautifully we love one another. That’s supposed to be the neon sign that tells the truth about who it is that we follow.

how a great dinner party is like church…

Jesus was as clear about this as he was about anything: “The world is going to be convinced of the truth about me – my life, my words, my invitation to know God – only to the extent that you all (y’all – the church) demonstrate authentic love – in effect modeling this love as a vibrant community, an invitation, a living testimony to grace” (John 13 – author paraphrase).

love is our mandate

It’s Saturday, I just returned from another doctor visit (my flu has evolved into bronchitis and the beginnings of pneumonia), and  I may or may not do any work today. But I will post a short blog. I think I… Read More ›