fixing this broken world…

Everything that I write – books, blogs, articles, features or commentary – is back-shadowed by faith. Sometimes you can see it clearly; often it is necessary to scratch at the surface; once in a while, the story on top is absolutely all you can see. But, behind everything, my world-view is ultimately redemptive

grace and redemption leave no room for judgment…

It’s not any specific behavior, or adherence to a particular doctrine, or religious ritual, or repetition of the right magic phrase that grants us the honor of a relationship with God – No, it’s Jesus who makes redemption possible. This privilege is ours to accept, or to reject.

Beautiful Imperfection

Today I’m exploring an idea that penetrates all the way – I believe – to the core of who we are as redeemed people. It involves most of my favorite “r”-words; you know the ones I mean: redemption, reconciliation, restoration,… Read More ›