“Occupy 2012” – Life: The Adventure Continues

Getting ready...

“As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.” – Joshua 1:5-6

OK, friends, we’ve finally done it. 2011 has been wrapped, canned, stacked on the shelf and put into the history books. So how do you feel about it? Was 2011 a classic… a flop… a keeper… a dud… a blockbuster… an instant highlight reel-er…? What do you say?

Well however you categorize 2011, it’s in the past. Done. Finis. Now we have another crack at making history. 2012, blank, tableau rasa, waiting to be occupied. Wow! I  don’t know about you, but I find that exciting.

Egypt, Jordan, Israel

GREAT ADVENTURE! And how cool is it that Rebekah and I begin the Great Adventure that is 2012 with a “bucket-list” trip together to the Middle East? Really, you couldn’t script this any better. Here’s the speed version: Orlando, New York, Athens, Cairo, Petra, Jerusalem, Galilee, Jericho, Nazareth, the Jordan River, Caesarea, Tel Aviv, New York, Orlando…

It boils down to this. You’re going to have to check in with this blog for periodic posts – depending on time and the availability of Internet access at my end. Or I may just keep a journal and keep my readers waiting! Then you’ll have to be patient till after we return. Either way, I promise to do my best to keep everyone up to date.

Pilgrimage - always moving forward....

Bottom Line: No matter what any of us are up to, traveling the world or holding down the fort at home, what we have here is another huge opportunity to set the trajectory for a year defined more as pilgrimage than status quo.

We already know what the status quo looks like. That’s where we’ve been hanging out much of the time. Even if it’s all good and you’ve had a great year, there’s still reason to move forward, reinvent, improve, journey… to draw closer to the Source of Creation and to recommit ourselves to the Author of Life.

That’s the beauty of this road we’re traveling: we’re never really done.

This is the New Year. Look! Absolutely anything is possible!

THE CHALLENGE: So how about it? How about a New Year that’s characterized – from the get-go – as a…

  • Top-open,
  • Windows-down,
  • Wide-open-highway
  • Open-to-the-possibilities journey…

… Full-throttle into this life-charged life? And, how about we invite Jesus to be our guide, and let’s simply make our best effort to follow the Prince of Peace?

Do you see my note-book? There’s nothing there. It’s got just the one heading so far, “JANUARY 2012.” Anything beyond that is for me to experience.

Moving into 2012!

CHOICE: We have this choice, and it’s the same one that we have every single day of our lives. Do we live into the promise and the purpose that distinguishes us as Children of the Living God? Do we live forward into 2012 with hope and joy? Do we “occupy the Promised Land?”

Or, do we let another year pass us by?

Not this year. Not 2012. Not on your life!

Don’t lose touch, and please let me know how God is challenging you to move forward – DEREK

Not on your life!


  1. 2011 was a year of growth for me. Stumbling and bumbling, but growth none-the-less. I’ll take it! I hope to build on that momentum in 2012.

    I know God has GREAT things in store, although those don’t always appear in forms that I would have anticipated. I am thrilled to be surrounded by such a loving family and community of faith. These connections strengthen me for the journey, so count me IN for a LIFE-CHARGED life in 2012!


  2. Our Pastor and wife just got back from Israel the first of December. Very emotional and memorable trip….
    Don’t forget the camel ride…..
    God speed,

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