Easter redux – living resurrection promise

Some of the good folk at the Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale. Dinner and conversation around a book.

Yesterday my whole day was built around talking with people. Talking, and listening.

“So what’s the professional part, the working aspect of that?” you may ask.

“Well I’m not exactly sure,” I might reply. “But it turns out to be a huge part of my life nowadays.”

ACCOUNTING: Okay, so somewhere during the day I did write a short news article. I also made contact with a couple of folk in support of another feature I’m writing on new church development models in the United Methodist Church. But, so far as I know, I didn’t make any actual money.

Oh, it’s possible a book or two got purchased on Amazon, through Barnes and Noble, or at my publisher’s website; and there’s a chance someone somewhere read one of my articles and made a mental note to possibly tell another person at their church they should invite me to speak one day. These things do happen.

TWENTY-FOUR/SEVEN: But, to address the original, “Is Derek working?” question, it’s safe to say that pretty much everything that happens is formative in terms of my mission to communicate the truth about what it means to live the “Life-charged life.” Most especially when I’m talking with people, listening to their story.

That’s why, yesterday evening, it was such a privilege to be invited to sit in on a small-group of folk the evening they wrapped up their eight-week study of REACHING TOWARD EASTER.  We shared a meal, we shared some good conversation, they asked me to comment a little on some of the content, and – most of all – I listened to good people sharing personal testimonies as to how God is working in their lives.

Every time I meet with people, talk with them and – most importantly – listen to the narrative of their spiritual journey, I’m fine-tuning my understanding of what it means to live this “Life-charged life” as a faithful follower of The Way of Jesus.

There’s really not a single moment of any day that fails to hold the potential to steer me down the path and enrich my journey.

It’s about being conscious. It’s about being tuned in. It’s about becoming increasingly aware of the stunning fact of my status as a child of God.

It’s a fact, yes. But it’s one I am increasingly learning to live into – DEREK

Day by day,
Dear Lord, of thee three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
Day by Day. (Richard of Chichester; 1197-1253)


  1. I LOVE the picture of everyone at top of today’s blog. I also loved the following line, which I hope you don’t me paraphrasing on my face book post!

    “It’s about being conscious. It’s about being tuned in. It’s about becoming increasingly aware of the stunning fact of our status as children of God”

    That statement with the words from the “Day by Day” song, were Perfect 🙂


  2. Hi, Derek! I loved the “Day by day” reference, too. It goes so well with what Jesus told us to pray when He mentions “our daily bread”. None of us can do other than by taking things “Day by day”. None of us has the ability to manipulate time. We may only use it for the glory of God or for the detriment of ourselves. Peace and Blessings, Henry


  3. Thanks, Derek, for posting a picture of your loving family. Rebekah did premarital counseling for my husband, Paul, and I back in 1984. I also got to catch up with her at a Women’s retreat at the Cove several years ago. Now you have a grandchild. Life moves on and it is good.


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