Golf on Lake Oconee and RE-Creation

Beautiful hole at Reynolds Landing

TRAVEL BREAK DAY! Yesterday Rebekah and I decided to steer away from the rush home (so that I can turn around and leave again for North Carolina). So we stayed put in Greensboro. Rebekah went shopping with Zandra and Ed took me to an amazing golf course on Lake Oconee.

Typically, borrowing clubs isn’t exactly ideal. But Ed hooked me up with a TaylorMade set. Sweet. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve long argued that equipment doesn’t make that much of a difference… but I may have to change my mind.

Par 4 – wrapped around the lake. Yeah, I parred that!

Or it may have been the idyllic setting of The Landing at Reynolds Plantation. Or the fact that the fairways have actual grass (how do you like that, Diamond Hill in Valrico?). Or that the greens ran true (another novel concept in my experience).

Regardless, by the time we got kicked off the course by a thunderstorm we had enjoyed 14 holes of most excellent golf.

WHAT’s THE BIG DEAL? I’m trying to understand what it is that I enjoy so much about playing golf. I do Okay, but it’s not that I’m that much of a threat to break 80. Then I don’t get upset when I mess up – I know that certainly helps. And I do manage to hit good shots often enough to get a thrill from that.

I honestly can’t put my finger on it. But when I manage to smack a pure drive so that the ball lands in the middle of the fairway, follow it up by dropping a long 7-iron ten feet from the flag, and then barely miss a birdie putt – like I did on #9 today – well, it’s a beautiful feeling!

Thunderstorm rolling in, that eventually put a stop to our play for the day

LIFE-CHARGED? Does this have anything to do with the life-charged life? I don’t know – other than to say that I believe God wants us to have fun, to recreate in such a way that we lead well-balanced lives, and to honor God in the way that we play and have fun.

Because there’s nothing, no element or activity at all, in my life or yours that should be excluded from our moment-by-moment commitment to follow The Way of Jesus, and to invite the Holy Spirit to literally inhabit everything that we do.

And that includes golf.

At least that’s what I believe – DEREK


  1. Hey, Derek!! Glad you liked my stomping grounds!! Don’t do golf, but I live in the area (High Point). Sounds like you may have been in Winston-Salem also (Reynolds Plantation….) Hope you enjoyed my beautiful state!! Will see you this weekend!!


  2. Hi, Derek,

    I’ve never had the opportunity to be on a golf course, but you’re so observant of the real dynamics underlying the game. After all, aren’t the objectives to make things run true, avoid trouble, and proceed patiently to complete a sometimes very elusive goal. Golf can really be a metaphor for life. It’s also to enjoy relative solace and the company of others, too. Great tools (the clubs) certainly can greatly enhance the experience, especially if one experiences the craftsmanship of those tools. The Bible is certainly in that tool category, isn’t it?
    Peace and Blessings, Henry


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