the future starts here

the trusty Santa Fe at Lowes

The response to my “This Author Needs Your Help” request (see Thursday’s post if you haven’t chimed in yet) has been extremely helpful. Lots of ideas. Lots of encouragement. Lots of thoughtful and imaginative voices.

Saturday, though, I just let it all soak in while I enjoyed a few more hours in the garden, letting the fertile soil work its way into my subconscious, waiting for some germination or pollination to burrow its way into one of my dormant brain cells (there are a huge number of largely inactive ones to choose from) to become the nucleus of something potentially transformative.

moving right along

Poof, it’s gone! It’s amazing how easily 40 cubic feet or soil and other organic material can disappear into a flower bed. But I love the smell of fresh turned dirt, and there’s something about a big garden project in process that is loaded with peace and a sense of certainty.

So I guess we’re tilling the soil of a (hopefully) fertile imagination with this exercise. We’ve got the native soil, we’ve got some enriched material that’s loaded with nutrients, and then there’s even been the opportunity to mix in some – err, you know – “manure” (check out the yellow bags).

Wondering what’s next?

Personally, I can’t wait to see where this all leads; I’m genuinely excited about what’s next. Even though I have no idea what’s coming.

In trust, and grounded in belief – DEREK

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