“the awesomeness that is Boxing Day”

DSC_0098theUletterUtoday’s post is simple and to the point. Logistically, family get-togethers are near to impossible to pull off. This year has been no exception. The Naomi/Craig/David Connecticut family will be here in the New Year, but the traditional Maul family “Boxing-Day” celebration simply ran out of time and opportunity for everyone to enjoy.

Alicia & Haley
Alicia & Haley

AWESOMENESS: We did manage to postpone the – as Andrew put it – “Awesomeness that is Boxing Day” until December 28 (officially it’s the day after Christmas). That way Alicia was able to experience her first “Grandma Grace” post-Christmas event.

We really missed our Connecticut family, but they do arrive in Tampa on New Year’s Day, and of course we really missed my brother, Geoff – but there was definitely a sense of the communion of the saints in the air.

BOXING DAY 101: Here, then are the essential ingredients:

  • Christmas Carols
    Christmas Carols

    Liberal amounts of family

  • Liberal amounts of love
  • The pulling of “crackers” (some refer to these as “poppers”)
  • Silly paper hats (my mum still has one on in the picture)
  • Cold left-over meats from Christmas (ham, turkey, etc)
  • Hot potatoes, stuffing/dressing, British pickles (Branston,Piccalillli, saladcream, pickled onions etc.), veggies
  • Endless supply of hot tea
  • Christmas pudding, mince-pie, custard, Christmas cake
  • More hot tea
  • Gift exchange
  • Parlor games
  • The singing of carols
  • More tea
  • Prayer

GRACE and GENEROSITY: The wonder of it all, this year, is that my mum and dad still managed to pull it off, at their home. Everyone was impressed.

Hudson & Haley
Hudson & Haley

Here’s the point. Christmas is a celebration. The coming of Jesus was the entry-point of love beyond love into this dark and broken world. Our family is rooted… grounded… anchored in both the experience and the expression of that love. We are so deeply blessed.

“Boxing Day” is all about that – DEREK

One thought on ““the awesomeness that is Boxing Day”

  1. When we lived in the United States, my parents tried very hard (and nearly successfully, the other british family couldn’t keep a straight face long enough, drat them) to persuade our American friends that it was tradition in England to feed Christmas pudding to the person next to you rather than feeding yourself, but alas, that ‘English way’ prank didn’t quite come off…


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