military honors, “taps,” and the gift of perspective

DSC_0006Some days, when I’m not sure what to post in my “Life-Charged Life” blog, I look to see if I’ve taken any potentially inspirational photographs over the past 24 hours. Hence the Rebekah and Scout image.

Wednesday morning, heading out to work, Rebekah paused for a little “garden meditation time,” and Scout decided the bench looked a lot better than the rough patio stones on the ground.

Rebekah’s garden bench (and you already know this if you’ve listened to her preach more than a couple of times) is where she traditionally hangs out for her “Coffee with Jesus” prior to the challenges and the distractions of the day. It’s her equivalent of my walking meditation time with Scout.

TAPS: Late morning I picked Rebekah up at church and we headed to the National Cemetery on the south side of Sarasota, to be present as final honors were spoken, “taps” were played, and the American flag was presented on behalf of our friend Gay’s recently deceased father, Rudolph Robsel; he was 94-years-old.


It was a beautiful blustery day, with colorful skies and gusting winds. The honor guard fought the breeze valiantly, folding the flag with precision, and playing taps with both strength and tenderness. Sometimes, the silence in the folding ceremony speaks as clearly as Lincoln at Gettysburg, timeless words etched on the stone pillar where we gathered before the ceremony .

Then we headed home again, pausing for a few minutes to share a cup of tea with my parents before jumping back onto the roller-coaster of daily life.

PERSPECTIVE: Today, the three events speak volumes to me. Getting the day going with Jesus; honoring the life and memory of a good man who lived well; pausing for tea with people we love….

Outside of our ongoing journey with God, our understanding of eternity, and the relationships we nurture with the people we love, the difficulties and irritations that often beset our daily routine assume their proper value.

IMG_3260Don’t store up treasures on earth! Moths and rust can destroy them, and thieves can break in and steal them. Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and thieves cannot break in and steal them. Your heart will always be where your treasure is. (Matthew 6:19-12)

Today may you experience deep peace, rich blessings, and the ability to see God with clarity – DEREK


  1. In church we stood for the memory of ones lost to our various military forays. I remember the boy I found in the wreckage of Beirut. I smelled him and I started to dig. A young man, packed and ready to stand his post. His body decaying with the elements. What a waste. May God watch over all of us. May we all seek God. Peace, joy, love and serenity.


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