too busy not to go to church

Some of the great folk who hang out at WFPC (image by Fred Drinkard)
Some of the great folk who hang out at WFPC (image by Fred Drinkard)

This has been a busy week; then it ran right into even busier weekend. And the work/fun is not anywhere near over yet.

That’s one reason I’m looking forward to church at WFPC Sunday morning. You see, church isn’t something I fit in when I’m not too busy; it’s something that rests, restores, and rejuvenates so I can deal with “busy” more creatively, in a more peaceable fashion, and with more joy.

So I’m not too busy to go to church; I’m too busy not to.

BUT WHAT IF YOU’RE “OVER” CHURCH? A friend reminded me this week that many people he knows may be open to Jesus, but they’re disenchanted with religion and pretty-much “done” with church. Maybe that’s you?

It turns out that I do a fair job when it comes to communicating faith… sometimes. But other times I use churchy language, and “insider” terminology, and tell “I’m-so-holy-you-might-want-to-shield-your-eyes” stories. If I’m not careful it’s going to leave the very people I want to dialogue with cold, skeptical, or feeling left out… maybe all three.

Sorry. I don’t want to do that.

IT’S NOT ABOUT ME: Really, it’s not about me. To the extent that anything you read here pulls your attention to me and not toward faith, then try to look through me, past me, or around me and feast your attention on God. God is the real deal; I’m just trying to point in that direction.

Jesus: "Really? Come on, people...."
Jesus: “Really? Come on, people….”

But, like many Jesus people out there, I don’t always do a good job with the introductions.

Let me put it this way, and I’m serious: If you have made the decision to reject Jesus, or if you’re simply not convinced that there’s anything all that important in what Christians share, then I don’t believe you’ve ever been properly introduced.

Because, if you do meet Jesus, then it’s not going to be that easy to walk away.

Instead, what’s likely happened is that people have been selling guilt, or tradition, or politics, or a religious point of view, or an argument, or maybe a tamer or more manageable version of God, a savior who agrees with them instead of challenging us all to grow.

But not Jesus. If it was Jesus then it wouldn’t be this easy; not easy to walk away, and certainly not easy to follow.

cropped-dsc_0009.jpgHEALING: That’s why I’ll be at church this morning. Because it’s Jesus who does the loving, the healing, the restoring, and the challenging; it’s Jesus who gives me the restoration that I need. I’m too busy not to be there.


4 thoughts on “too busy not to go to church

  1. Reblogged this on Parrots, Prose, and Poetry and commented:
    I rejected God, and the whole church deal for ages. In the past couple of years, though, something in my brain has shifted. I still have issues with “organized” religion, but I know for a fact, especially given my history (disability and alcoholism) that I would not still be on this earth had there not been some sort of divine intervention at some point in the past forty-seven (yikes!) years. I have seriously given joining the Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Morristown, NJ, a lot of thought of late. And with that said, I am once again off to church on this rainy Sunday, and grateful as hell to be able to go.


  2. With the many definitions and expressions of “church” out there, it’s hard to say whether or not it is always a good idea to go. Frankly, there are some churches that it might be better to stay away from. That said, I have come to believe more firmly than ever that Jesus is the key. When a church is about Jesus, the healing, restoring, encouraging, exhorting, life-giving action of the Holy Spirit happens through the people in the place. When it’s not about Jesus, (and it is so easy for a church to become not about Jesus) something else sets up that I’d rather my family not be a part of. But if it’s Jesus, I want them there! We gotta keep our eyes on Jesus!


  3. I often times get down right disgusted with people and their excuses for not wanting to go to church or hear about Jesus. I hear all the excuses about some great church leader in the news getting caught with his or her hands in someone else’s cookie jar or worse. Does that mean you want to go to hell because some christian didn’t live up to the standards set down in the Bible? If I read my bible correctly everyone character in the Bible goofed off and messed up somewhere or we wouldn’t be reading about them. The whole purpose of the Word of God is for us to see how God deals with man and his weaknesses, faults and downright no goodness. Going to church gives me the opportunity to be with people like me that have problems. Now I know everyone there looks like angels but behind those $300 outfits are struggling individuals and including the pastor. I didn’t say they were living in sin I said struggling trying to live a christian life that is pleasing to God. Some just do it better than others and have more experience… that’s all. To be…or not to be…that is the question. There’s only 2 choices…seeking almighty God and his promises or living in eternity without Him. I’ve decided to make Jesus my choice. Thanks Derek for your articles.


  4. Great post, Derek. This reminds me of a recent book, I Am A Church Member, and of the joy that our congregation shares, too. Family is a perfect word for how it feels each time we meet and worship or serve others, etc. I love how you pointed us to Jesus and gave Him all the credit for your choice (and asked us to look through you and to Him). Friendship with God is a daily choice and a pleasure. Praying, like you, I’m sure, for many others to discover this amazing gift.


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