Ash Wednesday: 4 photos, 4 stories

  • Today it’s time for another edition of the (supposedly) popular “Four photographs, four stories,” posts. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll cut to the chase and shamelessly indulge you all with a classic “dog-pic” for the opener.
Scout checking out the new sun-room
Scout checking out the new sun-room

SCOUTIE! That’s right, Scout got to explore the new property (my parents are set to occupy this time next week!) and I have to say she’s very pleased with what she sees.

Job One is to train her to NOT bark at the neighbors every time they bat an eye! It should help that my mum and dad come pre-approved and love her already. But in Scout’s defense she does live on a cul-de-sac, and barking opportunities are admittedly few and far between.

Regardless, she’s going to enjoy the extra attention – as well as the occasional trip next door for a cup of tea.

Maul Hall from next door
Maul Hall from next door

NEIGHBORS: Image number two is related. This is the view of Maul Hall from the sun-room next door. The Shanahans welcomed me into their home several times, but I’ve never noticed this aspect before.

The view makes me remember that the way we see ourselves is seldom the way others do. I wish I could see that as easily and as clearly as looking through my neighbor’s sunroom window.

Larry Roper showing Rebekah the red maple
Larry Roper showing Rebekah the red maple

GARDEN: Talking of views, the one from Rebekah’s office window took another positive turn yesterday when Larry Roper generously put in two red maples.

The red maple is easily Rebekah’s favorite, and I believe it’s a very appropriate use of the metaphor to say that, “The view from the pastor’s study at WFPC is continuing to grow, both in beauty and in promise.”

IMG_2041ASH WEDNESDAY: Today is Ash Wednesday. All over the United States, literally thousands of people are reading Reaching Toward Easter, both in groups and as individuals. Please consider my invitation to join us.

In San Diego, CA, my friend Al is leading two study groups at a large Methodist church. He asked me to prepare a short introductory video. It’s casual, un-rehearsed, and a little longer than my typical v-blog. I’ve posted it below if you’re interested.

My prayer for all of us is this: May this Ash Wednesday mark the beginnings of an epic Lenten journey to Jerusalem, so that we will arrive at Palm Sunday and Holy Week ready to experience the deep challenges and rich blessings God has in store.

Peace and Promise – DEREK

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