Relationships and hard work

The real Noah's Ark story

The real Noah’s Ark story

Saturday was another beautiful day here in Connecticut. The sun shone enough that I could play outside with the children. Then we built railroad tracks, did puzzles, read books, watched a couple of episodes of “Bubble Guppies” (don’t ask!), and – my personal favorite – lined up all the animals for their adventure on Noah’s ark (yes, that is Woody you see trying to hitch a ride with Mr. Giraffe).

The sad part of the day was the first obvious “I miss my mama and daddy” tears from David. He must have been dreaming about them during nap time, because when I woke him up he looked disappointed. Then a couple of big tears squeezed from the corners of his eyes; then he clung on to my leg and buried his face in my side; then the floodgates opened.

David didn’t yell, or have a tantrum, or lose control; he was just sad and I could tell without a doubt that he missed his mom and dad.

helping Beks

David helping Beks at dinner

He recovered well, and of course snack-time helped. Then he really impressed me by being a big helper when it was his sister’s turn to be upset, during dinner.

David came around and started making faces at her, he played a version of peek-a-boo, and he did a great job turning her frown upside down when all else seemed to have failed.

The point of sharing these stories today is the necessity of constant awareness and sensitivity if we’re going to have relationships that work. And I’m not just talking about children. It’s just as important that we listen with our hearts in our marriages, our friendships, and our spiritual lives too.

There’s no such thing as a relationship that takes care of itself.

bath time for Beks

bath time for Beks

So I did a lot of holding yesterday, and reassuring, and nurturing, and a little crying myself. I’m so glad that the children let me.

I think I need to say this again: “There’s no such thing as a relationship that takes care of itself.”


Here are a few more photos from Saturday you might enjoy:



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5 replies

  1. Derek, I think u r having too much fun;)>))



  2. Let’s not forget to recognize the love Derek shares with us in his blogs. Our friendships/relationships over the internet.


  3. Derek – thank you for the reminder that “There’s no such thing as a relationship that takes care of itself.” My church family had yet another transition this week, 2 in the hospital and 1 in rehab. When I spoke to another member today about someone in the hospital, she teared up & wanted to see him one last time. This member doesn’t have a car or drive & the bus doesn’t run on Sundays. SO! I offered a ride to the hospital so we could both visit with the other members in the hospital. Thank you for the reminder that we need to support one another no matter what the relationship may be. TYL for D.M.’s blog and his reminders & messages!!!


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