David’s Wonderful, Marvelous, First-rate, Very Good Day

IMG_5298-001Okay, here’s the big question today, “Will my grandchildren generate as much interest as the new kitchen?” The kitchen has garnered somewhere around 2,000 looks over the past couple of days, so, David and Beks, what have you got? It’s “game on.”

Just for fun, let’s make this a story:

ONCE UPON A TIME, Grandaddy Derek and Grandmamma Rebekah drove up to Richmond for David’s third birthday party.

It was a beautiful day, and – along with Great-grandma Grace – they followed the road all the way to the Chesterfield construction site where Naomi and Craig’s new home is being built.

Everyone was very excited.

IMG_5255Right when everyone arrived, three builder guys got busy with their construction equipment and started to work. It was as if someone had arranged it all for a birthday surprise!

The foundations have been laid, huge progress is being made, and David could hardly contain himself. But then neither could Naomi. The Campbells are very excited about their new house!

For a while, everyone watched the construction. The guys with the hard hats went out of their way to move impressive amounts of dirt, kick up lots of dust, and make it look like the house will be up and ready well ahead of schedule.


Then Beks took her daddy on a walking tour of the new neighborhood. Everyone agreed that this is going to be a great place to raise Campbell children.

PARTY! After a while, the family headed over to the Campbell townhouse for some serious birthday party fun.

Grandaddy Derek made spaghetti, Grandmamma Rebekah played with the children, and the pile of presents grew bigger and bigger.

Eventually, it was time to unwrap. The family was careful not to overwhelm Mr. Three-years-old, so David enjoyed each present, eyes wide in wonder, one at a time. Most of the gifts were so cool Grandmama Rebekah wanted to bring them home to Wake Forest.

IMG_5347Derek and Rebekah ignored the “5-and-up” sticker on the box, and presented David with his first Hot-Wheels set. Great-grandparents Grace and David added a fire truck to the extensive wooden toy collection. Then Andrew and Alicia hit a home-run with an interactive globe that everyone wanted to play with.

All in all, David’s third birthday was a Wonderful, Marvelous, First-rate, Very Good Day. You know, I believe that would make an excellent name for a book or a movie!

Gratefully – DEREK

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