“Shout! For the Lord has given us the city.”

WFPC youth band - Timeless Creation - open for Surrounding Jericho
WFPC youth band – Timeless Creation – open for Surrounding Jericho

And at the seventh time, when the priests had blown the trumpets, Joshua said to the people, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the city.”Joshua 6:16

Well, that was fun!

Saturday evening our church youth hosted the first ever Wake Forest Presbyterian Church rock concert. And, no kidding, the CLC rocked on its foundations. There are joyful noises and there are joyful noises. This band made a joyful NOISE!

Surrounding Jericho

But it was a good noise, and it was well received. The band, Surrounding Jericho, own a pile of raw talent, and they didn’t hold back. They’re original, they’re accomplished, and they project an energetic, positive, Jesus-centered message.

Plus I was very proud of our youth band, Timeless Creation, who opened the show with a very strong set. Our kids put themselves out there and they showed a lot of courage; no doubt, Timeless Creation seriously kicked it.

JOY: So this morning Wake Forest Presbyterian Church will rock with praise to God once again. The Praise Band will lead 9:00 worship with a little rock-and-roll and a lot of energy, and then the choir will encourage worshippers with their joy-filled praises at 11:15.

We’re only a few weeks into 2015, and there has already been a lot of joyful noise around the WFPC campus. It’s what we’re here for! Everything that we do comes out of a heart of worship.

You know, I’m sure the young men in Surrounding Jericho could have done a number on those ancient walls in the Jordan valley, and helped them to come tumbling down. But I’m fairly confident Sunday worship here at WFPC, “Praise” and “Traditional” both, hits the kind of note God was looking for when he commanded his people to shake the walls and take the city for him.

IMG_7306God is challenging us to surround our city today, and to take our community for Jesus. But with Jesus as our teacher and guide, we know we have been called to a different kind of approach. Today, rather than the sword Joshua wielded, we’re called to do this with the power of the Gospel of Love.

I’ll see you in church!


(a few images from the concert)



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