my “can’t miss” recommendation for travel, food, adventure, and photos

Andrew and Alicia sharing the world with Rebekah last summer
Andrew and Alicia sharing their world with Rebekah last summer (San Marino)

Seek, find, “follow,” repeat:

Today I’m sharing an ironclad blog referral that every last one of my readers simply must visit, enjoy, share, and then “follow.”

I understand that a lot of you click on this site because you enjoy my photographs and stories, and I always note a sharp increase in readership when Rebekah and I travel. Well, our son and his lovely wife – Andrew Maul and Alicia Pashby Maul – have launched a cutting-edge travel blog that is full with adventure, scenery, history, food, photography, and interesting destinations.

posing with an Uzbekistan poster in Verona this week
posing with a poster of Uzbekistan this week

Andrew and Alicia first met because they are both travel addicts (read International Love Story Covers Three Continents). It’s a great story; they both grew up in the USA; they both lived briefly in Bahrain; Alicia lived in Kiev four years; they now live together in northern Italy; and this summer they will be moving to a challenging and exciting new environment in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan.


Alicia in Sicily

Apart from living in so many interesting places, both Andrew and Alicia are excellent writers, as well as heads-up photographers. They are serious students of culture, astute observers of human nature, and border on fearless in their approach to my mantra of “Living like they mean it.”

Between them, Andrew and Alicia have visited well over 50 countries on four continents. They do their research, they get off the well-beaten tourist path whenever possible, and they practice a deep respect for local culture.

In fact, the love and respect is probably the “edge” that sets their travel blog apart from the crowd. When you read PashbyMaul Adventures, you feel like you have really learned something important about this world.

I’ll go a step further, and say that – when you visit destinations, sample local food, and experience captivating culture – reading PasbyMaul Adventures will leave you with a little more travel-addict in you than when you started.

And if there’s one thing this wild, diverse, broken, captivating world needs, it’s more people (like you could be) who are open to falling in love with all its rich diversity of people.


Ukraine for a friend's wedding
Ukraine for a friend’s wedding

Andrew and Alicia are native born, passport-carrying, citizens of the USA. In a larger sense, though, and at the core of who they are, our adventuring children are Citizens of the World.

Recently, I left the following comment on a post discussing the idea of living as “ex-pats” overseas:

“Alicia, you are definitely NOT ex-pats. Ex-pats tend to huddle, and try to replicate US life elsewhere. You and Andrew embrace the gift of the world, grateful and inclusive. That is your mission. Life is mission and you are Christ’s ambassadors in every way!”

This is why I wholeheartedly recommend that each one of you visit, enjoy, share, and subscribe to PashbyMaul Adventures.


Go to Andrew and Alicia’s site, click the “follow” button, and then begin to see this world through the eyes of two young Americans who love their world and know how to write about it.

As of this moment, PashbyMaul Adventures has 594 subscribers. Let’s make it at least 1,000 by the end of the day.

Peace, blessings, and “be careful out there!” – DEREK



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