And the one who was seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true.” – Revelation 21:5

picking out "new" wood
Naomi and Rebekah picking out “new” wood

It’s easy to find something to write about when the grandkids visit (see “Learning from the children: we sure need the help“). The only downside is having absolutely no time available in which to write. It’s the classic conundrum: when it’s quiet enough to hunker down and concentrate on writing then there’s nothing to write about.

But today I do have a few thoughts. First, I am constantly inspired by the creativity and energy that come from Rebekah’s spirit and that animate everything she does. Ministry isn’t her “job,” it’s just how she lives. “Charged up by the Holy Spirit” is simply her modus operandi; it is – to quote one of our favorite movies, Babe – “the way things are.”

Our daughter, Naomi, is blessed with the same quality of ebullience. She and Craig moved into a new build home, so she is working hard to add elements of personal style and “character.” So Rebekah took her downtown Raleigh to the big Habitat Re-Store, where they found piles of century-old lumber, cedar grayed with age, for the built-ins she’s adding to her studio.

The HGTV folk call it “architectural salvage.” I call it redemption.

IMG_1928THE GARAGE: Then, today, I pulled off a little miracle of my own. For the first time in history – and possibly the last time, ever – I put an actual car in our garage.

It helps that Golf is pint-sized. And it’s also a factor that, tomorrow, the “didn’t go to Tashkent” balance of Andrew and Alicia’s household goods is slated to show up at Maul-Hall. So we cleared out the garage, hoping we have enough space. Like I said, today is likely the only time in history either one of our cars will see the insides of this garage.

But it gives us pause, sorting through the junk. When we left Florida, we reduced our amount of “stuff” by close to a third – and yet we still find ourselves sorting through items we have no use for and will never use. I’d like to see us identify, and give away, another 25% before another year rolls around.

Benediction in Brandon 8-11-13
Benediction in Brandon 8-11-13

AUGUST 11, TWO YEARS AGO: As I typed out that past paragraph, I suddenly realized that today is August 11. It was on this date in 2013 – exactly two years today – that Rebekah and I left Florida. We enjoyed two amazing worship services with FPCBrandon; Rebekah preached her heart out one more time; then she pronounced the benediction, we hugged a few hundred necks, we walked out into the parking lot, and we drove north.

I’ll write more about this when we celebrate our second anniversary here at WFPC, but for today I’ll limit my observation to A), that poignant memory, and B) the fact that God’s spirit has been constantly renewing us, and filling us with creativity and love, to the extent that we quite possibly may be younger today than we were on August 11, 2013.

In the beautiful truth of God’s amazing, reconciling, newness-making love – DEREK


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