“Set your hearts first on God’s Kingdom…”

“Set your hearts first on God’s Kingdom and on his righteousness, and all these other things will be given you as well.” Matthew 6:33

IMG_3776-003Today, at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, it is “Commitment Sunday.” It’s the day when Rebekah and I have the privilege of walking to the communion table together, turning in our pledge card, and promising to support the work and ministry of WFPC during 2016.

Making this kind of promise is important in a number of ways.

  • First, it gives the generosity and finance ministry team a set of realistic numbers to work with, as they look forward into the New Year.
  • Then, the promise helps me and Rebekah to plan on a regular monthly commitment. We know that ten percent of our income will be going directly into the offering – it’s not a question; just like we know how much is going to pay our mortgage, our insurance, our car payments, etc. Our tithe goes in first; it’s our starting place. So any other – additional – charitable contributions begin, not end, with that 10% promise.
  • Most importantly (and this is why WFPC’s Generosity Team picked the Matthew 6:33 scripture I have on today’s “meme”) our covenant with God, this ironclad promise Rebekah and I have made to support God’s work through this church, is a huge statement of faith and trust. Both of us believe, from the bottom of our hearts and minds, that our Redeemer is Faithful and True. We believe that God has called us according to God’s purposes and that God will take care of us. And we believe with absolutely conviction that God is working powerfully through the generous, committed, talented, creative, beautiful disciples of Jesus who make their home here at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church.

summer 2015

Prayer: We are yours, Lord God; our resources are at your disposal. Use us, we pray, to tell the good news about Jesus through the way that we live, to present the invitation to follow in your way through the words that we share, and to communicate the truth about the Gospel of Love in everything that we are and strive to be – DEREK


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