friends, pizza, and some Advent


With Jen McVey – Bruce took the photo

Now that was fun! Rebekah and I drove to Richmond Friday afternoon to get together with a group of seminary students who are meeting to study my Christmas book, In My Heart I Carry A Star.

It was just a small gathering, it was off campus, and I was paid in pizza – but in my mind it counts as an actual gig (hey, it’s been a slim year for book-related speaking, a booking is a booking!).

Seriously, though, it always does my heart good to get together with people who are motivated to take a more intentionally Christ-centered approach to Christmas through reading one of my books.

The best part of the story, though, is Bruce and Jen McVey. The McVey family were an important part of our church family in Brandon, and the experience of growing as disciples there has led them to Richmond, where Bruce is enrolled in the Masters of Divinity program. God has called him into ministry, and we’re excited to see where that journey is going to lead.

The church needs enthusiastic families like the McVeys, and the world needs to learn more about the transformational gospel message Bruce is called to preach.

Between now and December 25, we’re all going to run into every possible variety of distraction; and if we’re not careful it’s all going to steer us steadily away from the heart of the beautiful story of the first Christmas…

…But it’s not inevitable! So I’d like to invite each one of you to take a more deliberate Advent journey with me, via the stories, the devotions, and the prayers of “In my Heart I Carry A Star.”

Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy – DEREK



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