sign at a speaking event

New book on the horizon!

I’m very excited! I have just now finished one more complete review/edit/overhaul of my new book, and I’ve ordered a proof copy. If all looks well, then you can look (I hope you look!) for an announcement – along with details – in this space sometime next week!

Wrapping up the end of a book is always a challenge (this is my sixth). The question, “But what if I have something more to say?” tends to hang in the air like the ubiquitous next epic story, the one that simply can’t be contained, in that great conversation with friends over a long dinner.

Fact is – and this is a good thing – there’s always something more to be said; there’s always something more to look forward to; there’s always something more to experience. This is why life is so powerfully dynamic, and why the best relationships are – so beautifully – persistent, insistent, intentional works in progress.

This adventure is something we continue to walk into.

Hint – the new book has something to do with this image…

We have stories to live, you and I, and we have great exploits to unwrap; sometimes one careful layer at a time, and sometimes plunging over the precipice on a wing and a prayer.

It’s my firm belief that the Creator designed us this way, and that we all have astonishing, challenging, dynamic, surprising stories – tales to seek out, to live, and to tell.

Until the next Great Adventure (and the book that goes with it) – DEREK



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