be more like Peter than Judas!

the cross of St. Peter

Today’s quote from REACHING TOWARD EASTER comes from page 24:

Betrayal is a tough concept to consider, and we usually are more than happy to pin the rap on Judas. But remember, Peter also betrayed Jesus. The difference seems to be that Peter accepted forgiveness and then moved on whereas, tragically, Judas was unable to let Jesus love him that way.

Be more like Peter than Judas!

HONESTY: One of the great things that makes relationships work is honesty. I was thinking about that this morning as we enjoyed a particularly deep and challenging conversation in the Saturday morning Bible study I attend.

We are allowing ourselves to know, and to be known. It’s not easy for guys to be that willing to be that vulnerable, and I am grateful to be part of a worshipping community where we have the confidence – both in each another and in the wide-open love of God – to peel back the layers and share the condition of our souls.

HEARTBEAT OF GOD: One subject that came up was the idea of “sacred rhythm” – the sense of understanding and of being a part of the breathing in and breathing out of God, of God’s will for us, of God’s sustaining grace; being deliberate participants in the essential heartbeat of our Creator.

That’s an important idea for Lent, too. Today is the fourth day of preparing for Easter. Easter Sunday may still be six weeks in the future, but I’d like for us all to own an understanding that this is a journey, and that each step along the path is an important marker in our lives as disciples, intentional followers of The Way.

“Jesus? I don’t know who you’re taking about…”

FORGIVENESS: Like I said, it’s not always easy to be honest about what is going on in our lives, in laying our souls bare. However, even though we follow a Savior who is willing to take all that we are, and to love us anyway; all of our shortcomings and our hurts and our brokenness; we still have the opportunity to be like Peter or like Judas – to either open wide and accept that forgiveness, or – tragically – to fold our arms tightly, and turn our face away from the initiative of love.

Be more like Peter! – DEREK

(I took these photographs at the Church of St. Peter, on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem; the cross is a close up of one of the two crosses you can see on the larger dome.)



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