dog blog: Labradoodle joie de vivre

on the couch with Beks


This year, Scout Labradoodle has become somewhat of a prima donna. She’s getting on in years, and she has adopted the canine version of, “I’m over 80 now; I can do what I like.”

IMG_0659She still has that essential Labradoodle joie de vivre , but it’s more on the inside, more of a “I’m joie de vivre-ing on the couch… where I know I’m not allowed… but I’m over eighty now so I can do what I like…”

And it’s all coming with a large dose of anti-paparazzi. “No pictures!” Seriously, she will be sitting up looking beautiful, then literally turn away, make a silly face, or flop down when she see’s me grab the camera.

So I tried to record how good she looked after yesterday’s grooming at the Dirty Dog Spa, but she wasn’t having any of it. “No pictures!” “Did you not hear me the first time?”

Then, thankfully, “Just a couple. I must admit I do look very beautiful out here in the park with the breeze blowing my coat.”

IMG_0662She’s a great dog, and she’s still – albeit at a reduced pace – my personal trainer. Scout’s disposition, her commitment to loving us, her gentleness, and her obvious sense of gratitude for life are a beautiful presence in our home.

I hope Scoutie makes you smile today. She makes me smile all the time. Life is good; and I am always grateful.


(Enjoy this gallery of shots from yesterday. Click on the first picture to see the slides)

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