what happens at the three-year-old party stays at the three-year-old party… NOT!


I wasn’t able to post on this blog Saturday morning because Rebekah and I were up to our eyeballs with three-year-old birthday time for our granddaughter, Beks. We zipped up into Virginia for the festivities, and there was no opportunity for anything other than full-out grand-parenting!

Simply put, there was too much fun to be had; too many toys to play with; too much love to be shared.

IMG_2942We actually got things going Friday evening by ditching the grandchildren (well, leaving them with their awesome baby-sitter) and taking their parents out to eat at a gourmet burger joint in downtown Richmond. After the most excellent burgers, we found a similarly delicious dessert bar, and shared some of the best chocolate cake imaginable. The smiles you see on everyone’s faces are genuine.

BIRTHDAY! The joy of a newly minted three year old is not something that can be adequately described using words. So I’m going to share an extra generous helping of photographs today. Some of them will make you smile so loudly you may want to share this post with your friends. Feel free.

IMG_3053-001The joy of our experience as grandparents is also something I’m at a loss to get across in writing – without sounding like that tiresome grandparent we all know, the one who comes at you with a wallet full of photos who won’t let up with the bragging.

So, no bragging, just a “my heart is so full” confession of love and gratitude. Love that will not let me go; gratitude for the kind of family that goes deep in the life-is-good department.

No, we’re not perfect – but we are faithful; Rebekah and I really do have to pinch ourselves sometimes, and we are embracing this blessing with hearts that are full.

So here is a glimpse of our joy; enjoy




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