water balloons and boundless energy…

IMG_3691-001Well it’s been a more than successful week with the grands. Yes, we’re exhausted; yes, the house is now six days behind in terms of our vain but valiant attempts to keep things even a little bit orderly; and, yes, I have a lot of writing (and other work) that needs to be done… but the cuteness quotient alone more than makes up for it all.

We’ll all go to church Sunday morning, giving thanks to our Creator for this most excellent gift that is life; we’ll have lunch at Maul-Hall; we’ll pack up the suitcase and the toys and the children and the memories; and then I’ll have them in Richmond in time for supper with Naomi and Craig.

ENERGY: Rebekah and I were talking about full-tilt grandparenting and exhaustion the other day, remembering raising our own two children, and we have absolutely no idea how we possibly had the energy – how any young couple ever has the energy – while we both worked full time, and we didn’t skimp even a little on the outings, the activities, the vacations, the family meals, the events, the adventures, the crafts, the fun, hoards of children in and out of our house, the volunteering….

“I guess we did all right?” I said. “Andrew and Naomi certainly have both turned into two amazing adults.”

SERENDIPITY: That was Thursday, and right then – literally within a few minutes – a photograph popped up on facebook of Andrew and Alicia, out to dinner on vacation in Italy, so happy together; and then – no less than twenty minutes later – there’s another featuring Naomi and Craig, enjoying date-night to celebrate their wedding anniversary, so obviously happy and enjoying one another. And we smiled, and probably teared up a little, because there is nothing, not even grandchildren, that can cause so much joy in parents as seeing their children happy and fulfilled. We are so exceptionally and richly blessed.


Rebekah and David!

WATER BALLOONS: Of all the fun we enjoyed today, watching David and Rebekah chase one another around the garden with water balloons and a hose was probably as good as it gets.

Full out joy from David, soaking his grandmama without a second thought, teaming up to attack his grandfather mercilessly. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

I’m so glad they’re coming to church with us today. There is so much to be thankful for, and so many reasons to show up for worship every Sunday morning. Our grandchildren just happen to be one of the most eloquent examples of joy, and grace, and exuberant love that I can possibly imagine.

God’s love is rich and ebullient. I have the proof of it right here – DEREK


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