“Times of Refreshing” with the 3-R’s


“The 3-R’s” were our topic: Rest, Reconciliation, and Restoration.


Rebekah spoke powerfully

The Presbyterian pastors’ retreat wrapped up beautifully this morning. First I taught a one-hour session on “Restoration,” and Rebekah brought the message for our closing communion service.

It’s a remarkable experience to be at a retreat populated entirely by preachers, and to listen to one preacher share a message prepared explicitly for a room full of other preachers. It also touched my heart in a powerful and moving way to witness the clergy humbly serving one another the bread and the wine.

It is also remarkable that these ministers, professional clerics and learned teachers, who deliver profound messages to hundreds of people on a weekly basis, could imagine that I had something worth listening to, and even taking notes on, when I stood up to share.

WP_20160815_09_38_53_ProBut they gave their attention most graciously, and were generous in their receptivity. I felt like the retreat served to encourage Rebekah and me too – and we certainly enjoyed the opportunity to share from our hearts and from our experience.

Some readers have already asked me to share more in the way of content from the retreat. For today I’ll simply share this nugget from my discussion of ideas that support and amplify the concept of restoration. First, the scripture:

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…” – Acts 3:19

Turn around, so that everything that comes between you and God is removed, and you’re going to enjoy a wonderfully refreshing experience! I love the phrase, “Times of Refreshing.” Restoration, especially in the sense we discussed in yesterday’s post, includes a profound element of life-nourishing refreshment.

Refresh our spirits, Lord, this day and at all times. Amen.


(Images from Trinity Center and the retreat)

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  1. the “rest” of the story: – Life, Gratitude, Faith, & Passion

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