God’s answer to the world’s cynicism

img_5156-001This picture should tell you exactly why I was unable to post a blog this morning. Evidently I’ve been a little busy today.

It’s more than a small slice of wonderful to be adored by your three-year-old grand daughter. The energy, the love, the light, ebullience – it most certainly rubs off.

The grand kids came to visit – along with Naomi – so they could surprise my mother for her 85th birthday. They succeeded, and everyone gathered at Maul Hall for a celebratory dinner. Between them my parents have now achieved a collective 173 years of life, and they are 64 years into their marriage.

Then, I love this portrait of my mum and dad. They were sitting in our kitchen after dinner, and I had paused for a moment from cleaning up the dishes. They look so strong, so happy to be there with their great-grandchildren dancing around, so contented, so much at peace.

img_5209-001Life can be overwhelming at times. We live in a nation and a culture where what is truly important seems to be lost much of the time in the great noise of politics and greed.

So it’s good to spend twenty-four hours with those too young to have learned to be cynical, and also with those who have traveled far enough through the morass to see clearly to the other side.

And the other side is the truth about the Gospel of Love, and Christ’s ongoing ministry of light and grace. Life can be extremely difficult, sometimes. Even the community of faith can be challenging and overwhelming for all its inspiration, wonder, grace, and joy.

But we are not charged with the responsibility of fixing anything; the depth of the brokenness is nothing more or less than the definition of this fallen world; our calling is simply to be vessels of God’s love and to be agents… ambassadors… witnesses – of God’s reconciliation.

Thanks for the reminder – and the perspective, great grandparents and great grandchildren – DEREK

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