Not “Snowpocalypse” – but still pretty cool #winterwonderland

dsc_0380This morning we’re enjoying a light, thin snow, but it’s certainly not the major snow event here in Wake forest that all the hype predicted. Consequently, it’s pretty, it’s getting increasingly cold (it’s 23 now), and – with the forecast predicting significantly lower temperatures as the weekend progresses, life around the Raleigh area has pretty much ground to a halt.

At this juncture, and with authorities asking people to stay off the roads, it looks more than likely we’ll be cancelling church services in the morning (check the church email-blitz to be sure). This is especially disappointing for Rebekah, who has been over-the-top excited about preaching for the first time since October.

Rebekah and I absolutely will be doing worship tomorrow morning, next door with my parents, but we are more than ready to get back into the routine of weekly worship with our church family, and I for one can’t wait to hear what Rebekah has to say next week – and I know I’m not alone.

dsc_0387One place activity has been constant is out on and around the bird-feeders in the back garden. I filled all four feeders yesterday and the birds have been stopping by all day.

Regardless of how much more snow falls, it’s going to be picture post card beautiful around here when the sun comes out tomorrow. We won’t see any melt for several days, and it’s getting down around zero (Fahrenheit) Sunday night. So stay tuned for some more photographs over the weekend.

In the meanwhile, enjoy our bird visitors from the past few minutes.

Peace, blessings, and promise – DEREK

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! And a painted bunting? What a treat! I blogged today about cancelled church as well at Stay warm!



  1. a post to make you smile on this snowy Sunday… | Tales from the Great Adventure

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