a post to make you smile on this snowy Sunday…

dsc_0413It is an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning here in Wake Forest. The sun is shining, the snow is glistening white, and the temperature (14-degrees when I walked the dog) is a bracing 18! The neighborhood has turned into one solid sheet of ice, topped with a couple of inches of powdery snow.

Consequently, worship services at WFPC (and every other congregation in the area) are canceled for today. Rebekah was more than ready to preach for the first time since October, so she is extremely disappointed.

But, here at the end of our quiet cul-de-sac, we are snug and warm, and enjoying the magical beauty of this day.

I have a more serious piece of writing I’m working on that I’ll likely share later today. But in the meanwhile, enjoy some of these snow photographs. For more birds, just click on this link to yesterday’s post – Not Snowpocalypse.

Happy snowcation, everyone, enjoy every minute! – DEREK

4 thoughts on “a post to make you smile on this snowy Sunday…

  1. Thanks for sharing, Derek. Being from Michigan, I miss scenes like this. My relatives and I usually trade them back and forth to make each other jealous. These are lovely and the bird shots are extra special. Blessings for the New Year from Plant City, Florida.

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    1. Thanks! We love love love the four seasons here. The birds (and you can see many more in the previous day’s post) have been a real serendipity.
      Have a 2017 filled with joy – Derek


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