Four Photo Friday (the dog, the children, and the remodel)

Scout – love this face – Labradoodle

Note: If you are one of the recent influx of new readers, then welcome, I’m glad you’re here. You may not be familiar with my occasional “Five photo Friday.” Content like today is generally intended as a break from a series of more serious meditations, or simply because I have a few pictures I think it would be fun to share. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the short diversion.

The Dog:

IMG_8435First, our shaggy, scruffy, aging labradoodle Scout. We’ve been concerned about how hard it’s getting for “Her Dogness” to move around; but she’s pretty much staked out undisputed ownership of the old leather couch, and is perfectly happy. As to the unkempt appearance, she generally looks like that within 24 hours of each (expensive) grooming; Scout is essentially an enormous dust-bunny with four feet, a head, and a tail… until her summer haircut sometime around the middle of May.

The Children:

Next, I stopped by church yesterday and was able to catch the end of Rebekah’s turn leading chapel for our preschool kids.

IMG_8416She was in full story-telling mode and the children were eating it up. I took some great photographs before I remembered that preschool isn’t public worship, and I can’t post the faces of the children without their parents’ permission. So I’ve had to crop out everything that’s not the back of a head.

But I love the pure, unmitigated joy and enthusiasm with which the children respond. Their energy, and their passion are as much a part of the story as the words coming from Rebekah’s mouth.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep on saying it: we have such a lot to learn from the very young, and anything we do to discourage them is – in my estimation – a slap in the face of God.

Anything we do to discourage the very young is – in my estimation – a slap in the face of God.

The Remodel:

IMG_8403Finally, there’s the ongoing master-bath remodel. We’re just now getting to the stage where it’s beginning to look like it may – one day – become a habitable space once again. The tile work is coming along nicely, and I’m really impressed with the artisanship of the craftsmen involved.

Here’s what I’ve noticed throughout the project so far: the highly skilled people working in drywall, paint, and tile, have all been recent immigrants to this country. Their work ethic, their reliability, and their commitment to quality is first class. Not only are we a nation of immigrants, but we’re a better nation because of their ongoing contribution.

I’ve thrown in a couple of extra photos below.

Peace, joy, and the promise of constant re-creation to all of you this coming weekend – DEREK



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