I can’t imagine Sunday morning without church…

This morning I’m re-posting from 2013. We were still in Brandon… but the sentiments, of why I love church so much, are still the same.
Peace to all – and don’t forget to come to church, wherever you are – DEREK

Reading Between the Lines

this past Sunday this past Sunday

I know this may be hard for many people to understand or even imagine, but I wake up every Sunday morning – without fail – literally jazzed and excited that once again I have the privilege of going to church.

I love everything about Sunday morning. I’m drawn to the wonderful people; I let the amazing music flow through me; I drink in the inspirational, encouraging messages; I can sense the authenticity of spirit; I am captivated by the reading of God’s word; I thrill at the exhilaration of being with so many people who are bound together by a common love; I’m overwhelmed by the profound sense of God’s presence in worship; I look forward to the smiling, the hugging, the shaking hands….

Getting ready for class

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: And then there’s my Sunday morning study group. Our church offers, I believe, eight different “Christian Education” classes for…

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