Will you be called, “Repairer of the Breach”?

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The Lord will guide you continually,
    and satisfy your needs in parched places,
    and make your bones strong;
and you shall be like a watered garden,
    like a spring of water,
    whose waters never fail.
 Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt;
    you shall raise up the foundations of many generations;
you shall be called the repairer of the breach,
    the restorer of streets to live in. – Isaiah 58:11-12

Monday afternoon, and for the first time in 2017, I got outside for a few hours of serious yard work. I didn’t accomplish all that much in the great scheme of what needs to be done, but it sure felt good to make some forward progress. Usually – and very much in line with yesterday’s post (Good Questions and an Invitation to Live) – it’s less important to have finished than to (at least) have started.

First spring gardening....
It must be springtime…

Because, in the garden especially, there is no such thing as done. But that’s okay, because it really is all about being out there, getting my hands dirty, making a noticeable difference, and understanding how much a part of it all that I am. I’m not an outside person imposing order so much as a participant, as if I’m a part of the garden myself.

It’s a lot like that with my writing. I know a lot of authors who talk about how they like to “have written” more than actually “writing.” But that’s not my experience at all. I love being immersed in the process: the research; the prayer; the waiting for inspiration; the “uh-huh” moments; the magic of a powerful phrase or idea working its way from my soul, to my consciousness, into my fingers, through the keyboard, and onto the screen. I even enjoy editing, re-writing, reprocessing, nuancing, and – sometimes – starting over.

This is my spiritual life too. The psalmist writes about God satisfying my needs in parched places, watering me like a garden, rebuilding my life… and then – awesomely – turning right around and using me to the extent that I will be known as “The repairer of the breach.”

I like that a lot. What a wonderful descriptive phrase to live by: “Repairer of the Breach.”

author Derek Maul

Because there is this chasm, this break, this separation, this breach between the Creator and the creation. But Jesus has stepped in and made reconciliation possible. We could have all these arguments about doctrine, about which church gets it right and who gets it wrong, about all the divisions, and “isms” in our culture… or we could simply trust Jesus, thank God for the repair work Jesus made to close the breach, and live as grateful people.

I may go back into the garden again this afternoon. And I certainly intend to live forward as a repairer of the breach.

Peace – in every way – DEREK 


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Derek has published seven books in the past decade (you can find them at https://www.amazon.com/Derek-Maul/e/B001JS9WC4), and there’s always something new in the works.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Derek taught public school in Florida for eighteen years, including cutting-edge work with autistic children. He holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and education from Stetson University and the University of West Florida.

Derek is active in teaching at his church: adult Sunday school, and a men’s Bible study/spiritual formation group. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, photography, reading, cooking, playing guitar, and golf.

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