IMG_8828It’s been a while since I shared a “portrait” of Scout Labradoodle. Essentially, our aging puppy been a shaggy mess, so this week we scheduled her for her beauty treatment at The Dirty Dog Spa and she came out looking like a million dollars!

In addition to the bath, she received her first summer haircut of the year. Not like in Florida, where the relentless heat demands a close cut, but a more dignified North Carolina clip.

So, as today is another busy day at the hospital – and because social media needs less anger and more joy – I’m offering the Internet puppydogs. You are welcome.

My essential message is the same: life is good and I am grateful. But today I’m making my pitch – a Public Service Announcement – for vibrant life, passion, encouragement, grace, mercy, faith, and the promise of the Good News, via the smiles brought to you by Scout Labradoodle. It’s really all I have the energy for this morning.

Peace and every blessing – DEREK

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