the extraordinary contribution of older adults to the life of the church

Is not wisdom found among the aged?
    Does not long life bring understanding? – Job 12:12


First Presbyterian Rocky Mount

Each year, usually around this time, the Presbytery of New Hope takes pause to recognize the unique contributions of senior adults in the life of local Presbyterian congregations.

“This award,” the program read, “is presented to those who have performed extraordinary service to their church, and perhaps beyond, and who continue to be role models for the rest of us.”

So this past Sunday afternoon I had the fun (and exhausting) job of photographing the event for posterity; or, if not posterity, at least a nice slide show on the Presbytery website.

The host church – First Presbyterian in Rocky Mount – provided both a beautiful location and warm hospitality. All told, 55 honorees were recognized, and 36 were on hand to receive their commendation in person.

Rev. Bob Inskeep, moderator of Older Adult Ministries, prepared a short, two-minute citation for each person. The cumulative effect of all those testimonies to grace and service – and the joy of living faith out loud – was one of deep gratitude and genuine celebration.



Loretta Highfield, WFPC

These disciples inspire me, each and every one. I’ve got to tell you, there are so many faithful, committed, hardworking people serving God in the Presbyterian church. The spiritual energy in the sanctuary Sunday afternoon was liable to cause some spontaneous combustion!

In fact, thinking about it, I am reminded that God’s power is always the most evident among those who are humble, the unassuming, people with servant’s hearts, regular church members who are motivated by nothing more – and certainly nothing less – than a deep love for Jesus and a desire to be vehicles of that love through their local church.

I’ve shared just a handful of photos here; you can find the rest of the slides at the New Hope Presbytery website in a few more days.

Grateful, and blessed – DEREK

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  1. What a wonderful and illuminating approach to old age. Valued for their years, their experience and more importantly their faith in Jesus which has sustained and encouraged them.

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