Rainy Day Perspective…

Today is one of those days where there’s a lot to write. I can either prepare three separate posts, or I can summarize via subheadings in the one entry. Okay, here goes.

  • IMG_1782-001First, I have a short post about rain and perspective.
  • Then, probably this afternoon, I have a few things to share in response to our “Ministry Exploration Fair” at church.
  • Finally, probably late in the day, I’ll post about the ongoing tragedy surrounding Hurricane Harvey.

First, this rainy day and perspective:

Walking around the back of our property this morning I looked through the “natural” area and caught a glimpse of Maul-Hall. We see our house countless times a day from the front, and I was struck at how unfamiliar it seemed. If I’d been driving by I’m not sure I’d have recognized it.

I couldn’t help but think about what facade I present to the world, and how complete a picture is it? Do I just show the same flat elevation, like a cardboard cutout or a profile image? Or is the Derek you see more true?


I’d like to think there’s a recognizable thread that runs through my life, a strand of DNA that allows me to tell my story without inconsistency, that – should they run across me somewhere else – the people I know at church would still recognize the enthusiastic Jesus-following disciple I show front and center at WFPC. Who am I, I wonder, when you look from a different angle?

Additionally, because today is one of those overcast and rainy days, the light is more even and the photographs give a more accurate picture. So I went out front and grabbed the more familiar view from the front of the house too. Then I headed all the way across the street to try and get the two houses together.

Nothing terribly profound, just some cool photographs and – hopefully – a little something to think about.

Peace and more – DEREK




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