fall colors, hamburgers, and our beautiful granddaughter…

1-IMG_3004-001Saturday evening I ran across some fall photos that made me realize just how much Rebekah and I have enjoyed the change of seasons here in North Carolina. I may not have pulled out my camera, but yesterday was another one of those days.

I hiked into Wake Forest to meet a friend for lunch. It was just cold enough – right on 40-degrees – for a jacket, but the warmth of the brilliant sunshine nixed any need for hat or gloves. To be honest, the trek – just a little over a mile each way – wasn’t near long enough. But it did do enough to push me over my Fitbit era record for one week of walking – 115,000 steps and well over 50 miles!


If you haven’t read yesterday’s post about how the faith community can respond to last week’s horrific slayings during worship in Sutherland Springs, then I’d like to encourage you to click here – Being church in the wake of the killings.

1-IMG_3014But for today I’m all about fall walks and great hamburgers!

That’s right – hamburgers. At supper time the humble classic got a major facelift from a Blue Apron recipe and the result was surprisingly delicious.

Generally, I’m not a fan of beets, but after shaving a fresh one then pickling it with sugar and red-wine vinegar, stacking beet-slaw on top of the garlic-infused burger worked like a charm. That plus the homemade potato wedges, complimented by my (current) favorite Lagunitas IPA, all made for a refreshingly creative take on the hamburger.

photo by Naomi Campbell

Well, not just fall walks and great hamburgers, but stunningly beautiful grandchildren too! Beautiful and sassy with it! When I look at photographs like this one I see her inner teenager beginning to carve out a bedrock of identity. The other word that’s loud and clear here is “irrepressible.”

So there you have it. Four images for the weekend. Any way you add this up it’s obvious that I am blessed far beyond my understanding. I really do have so much to be grateful for… and I am.

I’m heading to church. I pray that I see you there – Derek


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