“Cannabis Treats” for Fido #DogBlog

Our wonderful dog – Scout Labradoodle – is getting on in years. Her hips hurt, her back hurts, and she has tumors in all sorts of places. So she needs a little extra help sometimes. Shots, special foods, various medicines. Now there’s something new. “I’d like to try her on cannabis treats,” Scout’s vet said.

1-IMG_0093“Cannabis Treats” – hemp oil, hashish – aka medical marijuana. I promised Rebekah I wouldn’t make fun of our dog but I have noticed she’s been awfully mellow lately and constantly asking for Cheetos.

Seriously, though, I believe it is ludicrous that still – in many states – the medical applications of cannabis are illegal and that proven, cost-effective, helpful interventions are routinely withheld from people who would benefit. The medication seems to be helping Scout, and I am grateful.

Recreational drugs:

Recreational drug use is a whole other matter – although I am all for taking the production and distribution of drugs out of the hands of organized crime and back-alley transactions. But that is a conversation for another post.

For now, I am glad that our old dog can find some relief and comfort – although I am thinking I may have to take away her collection of Grateful Dead albums.

Peace and more peace – Derek

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