I Know Where the Wild Things Are! #grandchildren

With David heading into 1st grade after the summer and Beks starting kindergarten, reading is front and center with our grandchildren. They have always loved books, but now the real fun begins as they learn to read for themselves.

I purchased our copy of “Where the Wild Things Are” back in 1979. The inscription reads, To Rebekah on your 23rd birthdayfrom one “wild thing” to another. I love you – Derek

Our wedding was still a month away and our first child another three years down the road, but we had already established the tradition of buying each other beautifully illustrated children’s books instead of flowers or candy. In consequence our bookshelves feature an amazing collections of children’s literature that we enjoy sharing – carefully – with our grandchildren today.

We had our own wild things in 1982 and 1984, and now Naomi has a couple of wild things of her own!

1-IMG_0100All this reading is part of the “video-game-free and tablet-free week” we agreed on with their parents. So we’ve been doing a lot of reading, coloring, Play-Doh, sand art, blocks, puzzles, walks to the playground and other hands-on activity.

Then of course there’s Vacation Bible School. What a great way to finally wear them out at the end of the day. All day long David and Beks have been singing songs about Jesus.

With all this grandparent stuff there’s not much time for writing. Enjoy these few photos and I’ll check back in tomorrow.

As the VBS song says, “You are my God I’m holding on to you; You are my God I know you’ll see me through….”

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  1. I hope you bought them a copy of Suddenly The Light Was Gone


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