More Joy and Beauty that Shines!

- David and Beks with Max in the church garden Okay, so I have to admit that I've been low on the writing content this weekend and high on the number of pictures. But I seriously don't have the time to write. Also, stories "go cold" in a few days and these are three you …

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the story of how God loves us and rescues us #Shipwrecked

This is the story our church is telling, it's the story of how God loves us and rescues us when we become "Shipwrecked" in so many ways. This week was all about Wake Forest Presbyterian Church being a strong lighthouse, standing as a beacon of hope, about nurturing the light of love and grace inside us, and of shining our hearts out in a needy, broken, often dark world.

“Life-O-Meter” (BTW – yours should be humming)

Today's "lead" photo may be lacking in mega-pixels and focus, but it's exactly right for my Monday post because it's all about vibrant life; and that's a story that never gets old. I've been traveling a lot recently, and I mentioned last week how nourishing it is to get back to my faith community. Well, …

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