God is in the light business

The people who walked in darkness
    have seen a great light;
those who lived in a land of deep darkness—
    on them light has shined. – Isaiah 9:2

In reading the news, there seems to be a lot of darkness around at the moment (my cynical post of yesterday evening is evidence of that). But God is in the light business, and it is important that we saturate ourselves in that healing gift every day.

I love the way the morning light pours in from the east, filtering through the trees until it fills up our kitchen and – along with the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee – invites me into each brand new day.

My morning routine has changed a little now that Scout is no longer interested in a walk. She parks herself at the top of the stairs, refusing to budge until after I have returned with Rebekah’s coffee. But I walk just the same, meditating in the stillness, coming back into the house with my spirit awake and attuned.

Then – and this is key – I make my way around all the rooms, opening the blinds, consciously re-committing myself to the light as the morning rushes in like a torrent and fills the house.

Author Derek Maul lives and writes in Wake Forest, NC

We all need more light. God intends that our homes and our selves be awash in it. Penetrating, cleansing, incisive, refreshing. Light that fills us up and cannot be contained.


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