Mission plus golf equals fun and more fun!

1-IMG_E1299-001So there’s nothing like combining a beautiful fall day, tons of sunshine, golf with good friends, and raising money for PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Relief).

The course at the Henderson Country Club golf was hilly, well cared for, and loads of fun. I played with George Dudley and his son Howard (who can hit it a ton), and we were fortunate enough to get the ball in the hole without using too many shots.

I won’t regale you with too many details or color commentary, but I will say that it’s a lot easier to hit great shots when you’re in the company of friends who are affirming and encouraging.

This is the point of doing life together in Christian community. We are called not only to live faithfully in response to God’s grace but to do it in the context of mutual support and encouragement and accountability. We are not only better because of Jesus, we are better together.

That’s all I have today. The rest is just photos – DEREK


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