writing and photography with a little help from “Lego Guy”

1-IMG_3048There are several reasons I like this little guy so much. Of course, Legos! Who doesn’t like Legos? Then there is the connection with recent art auction we attended – the Lego men belonged to photographer Andrew Ross. Finally, when he fell onto my keyboard I was captured by the juxtaposition of writing and photography.

So I picked up Lego Guy and let him stay on the keyboard for a moment while I grabbed the image. Then I carried him downstairs to help me write this post.

I mostly take photographs to remind me of things, to hold the essence of an idea in the image until I can re-imagine it through the words that run from my heart, through my consciousness, along various neural pathways and down to my fingers where thoughts are translated into keystrokes and come up onto the screen, where they are likely to be hacked at, edited, rearranged, deleted, and/or reborn.

1-IMG_E3049Sometimes when I am out and about I will be grasping for words and I just can’t get there, so out comes my camera. Later, like now, sitting at my keyboard, the photograph helps to connect the dots.

Then – but only when I am smart enough to remember where all this imagination, inspiration, creativity and insight comes from – I also ask God to get involved and the mishmash of resources and potential begins to come together and I can write.

Without God my work tends to stay closer to the surface but with God I find I am able to reach into otherwise unfathomable places. While a photograph may provide a prompt or a graphic hint, the Holy Spirit actually animates my ideas.

So Lego-camera-guy is fulfilling three roles right now (and he will, going forward, because I plan to let him stay):

  1. He is a reminder that I am not in this writing business alone,
  2. He is a nod to the importance of photography in my life as a writer, and…
  3. He stands as a constant invitation to pray for both his previous owner, Andrew Ross, and for my friend at church.

1-IMG_3032PRAYER: “I do not understand many of the challenges your children face, Lord God, and I am nowhere near content to consign diseases like ALS to “mysteries we’re going to talk about one day in Heaven.” I can tell you right now, Lord, we’re going to go a few rounds on that one. But I do understand how limited I am, both intellectually and spiritually. So I pray for wisdom, I pray for knowledge, and I pray that you will bring comfort and peace exactly where it is needed. I may not understand much, Lord, but I do trust and I do want to carry your light and your love with more eloquence and integrity. Amen.”

In love. and because of love – DEREK



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