doing faith as a church – some photographs #PresbyteryOfNewHope


One of the great joys of my life – and there are many – is becoming aware of and then using the gifts God has given me. One is the ability to see with unusual clarity; another is being able to frame things in such a way that they communicate beauty and truth. Both of these apply equally to photography and writing.

I get excited sometimes when I see a message beginning to come together, and this was especially true Saturday at the meeting of the Presbytery of New Hope – on a cold, soggy winter’s day in North Carolina – where I was asked to take photographs that help to tell the story.

1-DSC_0548The physical space – the sanctuary at the Kirk of Kildare in Cary – was both a challenge and an opportunity. But I soon learned how the light worked and I believe I managed to effectively capture a sense of the beauty of the place along with the unfolding story.

The story I want to tell is that of the ongoing work of being light and promise. It’s a story that defines the mission of the Presbytery of New Hope. We have a message to share and it is a wide-open invitation from God to walk with Jesus and to enjoy a brand new relationship with our Creator.

I will begin with a few shots from morning worship. I plan to share more over the next few days because the day was such a beautiful tale of celebration and mission and reaching out and inviting people into a new life.

1-DSC_0619Gathering, singing, praying, giving, hearing the word, sharing the Lord’s Supper together. How could anyone possibly choose not to practice Christian faith once they have experienced koinonia on this level?

The balance of the day, all the workshops and reports and motions and celebrations that followed the worship hour, are the business end of the operation. I will post some of those poctures another day.

Mostly, I want you to see these photographs and to enjoy them as my gift. – DEREK


  1. Derek – my comments: Presbytery meetings seem very “corporate” to me. They focus on the administrative business of the church, ministry as a career, and the corporate body. Yesterday, at the Kirk, I saw a lot more parts of the story. One was lunch – not just a meal, but a demonstration of how a congregation can work hand in hand with low income residents within a mile of their church facility. A meal that allowed a cultural showcase that introduced Presbyterians to cactus salad and Jamaica tea. A meal that allowed those being served by the church to become directly engaged in serving others.

    I saw a host of exhibitors – all with important messages to share about faith in action. For delegates that stopped by, the exhibitors provided insight into how many ways “love thy neighbor” can take form.

    I hope that some of your photos reveal these aspects. If not, perhaps the written word will have to do.

    Barney Hale / Kirk of Kildaire

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    • Thanks for your thoughts, Barney. I have images of pretty much everything – and they will all post to the New Hope Facebook page. Not sure how many will make it into my next blog post – depends on the storyline I follow. Peace – Derek


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