all this and more – living gratefully #5-Photo-Friday

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.¬†Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy… Philippians 1:3-4

Beks with her first lost tooth

The conundrum with today’s “Five Photo Friday” is choosing between images that reflect the entire week… or five hitherto unseen pictures that tell a new story?

So Here’s what I’ll do. There were some wonderful pictures you might want to go back to if you missed them, so click on these three links for the best – but today will stand on its own.

  1. Youth Sunday
  2. Birthday herbs
  3. Cappuccino and gelato

The Grandchildren:

During First Grade and Kindergarten there is a lot of growing up going on. Our two – David and Beks – are racing ahead in every way, but they are still so beautifully seven and five, snaggle-teeth and all. Beks was so proud this week to join her brother in the lost tooth club.

David with Bristow

We are very blessed when it comes to having the children close enough to see on a regular basis, but they still seem to grow by leaps and bounds in the days and weeks between visits. I swear David gained two inches in height during the month of March.

This is why I will never give up FaceBook, for all the ridiculousness¬†and political angst that gets posted every day. I grabbed these two images off our daughter’s page and we feel – along with FaceTime videos – a day-to-day part of their lives.

My Birthday:

You can read more about what it feels like to turn 63 at “Vintage 1956”. The short story is that I feel very good about it and can’t wait to see what shakes out over the next twelve months.

Birthday golf!

Due to crazy-busy schedules, Rebekah and I pushed back most of the celebration to Thursday. Busy or not I got out for the afternoon to play golf with my friend George, and we had a wonderful time that even included a few great shots from both of us!

Then, after opening a bottle of German wine sent from Dresden by Andrew, our daughter Naomi generously bought me dinner at Farm Table, one of my favorite local restaurants.

So that’s it. Five-Photo-Friday this week is simply about documenting the amazing blessings of being a 63-year-old grandfather who loves life, lives in a lovely corner of North Carolina, and gets to celebrate the joy of living every day with his beautiful wife.

All this and more. Living gratefully – DEREK


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