Ritual or journey? Is Lent taking you anywhere transformational?


This morning I’d like to turn our attention back (if it has wandered) to Lent, those “Forty-Days” where we add some elements of spiritual practice in order to be ready to experience the full impact of Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter morning).

Lent is not intended to be a ritual but a journey, and every journey is better experienced with a guide.

My Lent 2019 – as per usual – has been an inconsistent mishmash of hit and/or miss. I believe the only time I followed through consistently was the year I wrote Reaching Toward Easter, and then maybe the first year after it was published. With that in mind this morning I determined to get back on track, so I read the devotion for today. The result has been what I originally intended – it turned my heart back toward the cross.

Nuggets of inspiration:

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My invitation for today is a simple one. Apply some intention to your journey! Make these next few weeks leading up to Easter a set of deliberate steps that lead you purposefully into a deeper walk of faith.

Sometimes – and I will unapologetically recommend Reaching Toward Easter – it can be very helpful to carry along a guidebook to help point out important features along the way.

Regardless, we must check in at least daily with Jesus, and it is imperative that we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the scriptures. Reaching Toward Easter is a guided journey through the Last Supper, following John’s account. The words spoken by Jesus during that “Last Great Dinner Party” are exactly the right place to start.

However you go about preparing for Easter, I want you to do it with humility, prayer, and a grateful heart.

Somewhere along the way, you will realize that you are not alone and that Jesus is most assuredly walking with you.

Peace on the journey – Derek

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