Such a good dog: Scout Labradoodle struggles toward 13

1-IMG_3722So the caption for today’s “featured” photo should read thusly: “Yes, I had an appointment with the groomer. And, no, I am not happy about it.”

Bless her doggie heart. She loves the folk at “A Dirty Dog Spa” and they treat her with such care. But at 12-years and 11 months, anything Scout does comes with the requirement of more effort than she can reasonably muster. When we arrived home not only did I have to help her out of the car but she immediately plopped down in the middle of the drive (in a puddle, it was raining) and just lay there,

Scout is very weak and it hurts to move. Yet she still wags her tail when she sees us and she still does everything she can to be with us wherever in the house we are. This evening I’m putting up a “child gate” at the foot of the stairs so she doesn’t literally drag herself up to be with us overnight.

1-DSC_1578I’m not sure what it is about being a Labradoodle but she hasn’t lost an ounce of adorable, even since she moved into the realm of the elderly. The dog age calculator I use said she is 92 and that is a ripe old age no matter how you count.

I will keep you posted regarding her condition. In the meanwhile, please pray that Scoutie will enjoy the days she has remaining. She is such a very good dog.

In gratitude – DEREK




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