Man versus tree #GreatPhotos

Look just right of middle and you can spot Jason near the top

A mature North Carolina Tulip Poplar stands more than 100 feet tall and weighs several tons. We have a couple in the “native” area behind our house, but the largest became sick and has been rotting from the insides out.

I love everything about trees, and I do not like to take them down. But this one had become dangerous so it needed to go. Part of me wanted to let Mother Nature have her way and in her own good time, but “responsible-Derek” won out so in came the pros from Peter The Stump Eater NC and I have to tell you, it was fun to watch.

It was a lot of money for a couple of hours entertainment but there are things I do, and things everyone agrees I need to write a check for. There is a lot of stuff I’m good at, but handling a chainsaw is certainly not on the list.

So here are the best pictures (click on the first one then view in order). Enjoy, they didn’t come cheap!

Peace – DEREK  

  • Note: if you spot the tree guy in every picture you are doing well!



  1. As someone who spent most of my adult life as a tree surgeon I can tell that your guy really knew His stuff. The national champion Tulip poplar used to be in Scarsdale New York and was measured at 135′ back in 1982.

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    • Cool career! Our guy also does work for the Audubon Society. Our tree has been home to Hawks the past three summers. I hope they are not put off this year.
      Peace to you and yours – D


      • My high point was resetting the lightening protection in the 300 year old oak that is in front of and also the. Trademark for the Readers Digest. Now retired in Florida with tired legs. Blessings


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