So Grateful for this Beautiful Family!

1-IMG_4345Mother’s Day is always a great opportunity to practice gratitude. Or, as I told my mum in her card, “After 63-years it’s clear I made a great choice when I picked you out!”

I for one am extremely thankful for my mum. I am thankful for Rebekah, too, who has been doing a rather spectacular job ever since we first stepped into the privilege of parenting back in 1982. And I am particularly grateful for her mama, Nell, who taught both of us so much, and who would be delighted to see the kind of mama her granddaughter Naomi is becoming.

Worshipping together, in church, celebrating around the table, doing the all-important photo-shoots, it was a good day. But then again it always is a Great Day when we not only celebrate our family, but when we do it in the context of faith.

Because God is gracious, and faithful too, and it is God’s love that holds us together so well, teaching us grace, mercy, and hope.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

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